our philosophy


As a bike tours agency, we believe that there are as many ways to cycle as there are cyclists, as many ways to travel as there are travelers. Cycling travel allows the discovery, on a human scale, of a territory and its art of living, in a gentle or sporty way, with friends, family or solo.


Veymont Travel is the result of two philosophies, two experiences, those of two brothers who, always in search of new discoveries, seek to combine the beauty of a territory or a cycling event with a unique travel experience.



Our job is to design and lead cycling tourss in France and Europe. During the conception process we carefully identify the itineraries, on the spot, in the regions and countries we have selected. Moreover, to allow us the greatest flexibility, our team is based in France.


In order for you to live your experience to the fullest, we carefully select the hotels, restaurants, bikes and activities that we offer. Our guides are not only cycling guides.


The accompaniment of our tours by a team of professionals allows us to guide you at best during your trip, but also to ensure your safety, your logistical and mechanical support, so that your trip goes smoothly. During our bike tours, the cycling guides who lead you are all qualified by the French Ministry of Sports.

« C’est en allant à bicyclette que l’on apprend mieux les contours d’un pays, puisque l’on doit alors suer sur les collines et dévaler les côtes. Ainsi, on se souvient d’eux tels qu’ils sont vraiment. »

E. Hemingway

Our Story

The story begins on a beautiful day of July.

We are on the road to the Tour de France 97, we are then 6 and 8 years old. The landscapes, the crowd, the show, the emotion experienced that day in one of the last laces of the Col de la Madeleine, giant of the Tour, was going to create for us what we call the Passion. The one that brings you to see the Tour every summer and sets the pace for your youth.

Over the years, the passion for travel has been added to the passion for cycling, naturally leading us to evolve in the cycling travel sector. Our job as tour guides then opens us the gates of the Tour de France and its backstage. In addition to the Tour and France, we now set our wheels in many other places: from the mythical Danube to the breathtaking Douro Valley in Portugal, from the Italian Alps to Flanders, premier cycling lands and recently in Taiwan (see the story of this trip on our blog : Taiwan KOM) to embrace new challenges.

In October 2017 (twenty years later), we are on the road to Santiago de Compostela, attracted by its historical importance and its mystique. It is in family that we undertake this journey by bike on the Saint James’ Way (Camino de Santiago), one of the oldest routes in the world. This adventure reinforces our desire to share and offer cycling experiences to curious and passionate travellers. The following spring, the Veymont adventure was born.

We have grown up and we live at the foot of the Vercors, this land rich of History. Our first passes, it is in this massif that we crossed them. Our name comes from the “Grand Veymont“, the highest peak of the Vercors (2341m), thus linking our history to the one of our territory. Veymont is the result of two philosophies, two experiences, those of two brothers who, always in quest of discoveries, seek to combine the beauty of a territory with a unique travel experience.